Video Premiere: Ha Ha Tonka, “Dead To The World”

ha ha tonka 2013

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Let’s say you’re at a diner, not really enjoying your food, too tired to return the cute looks the waitress has been throwing your way. She brings the check. Do you: A) pay it, B) finally shoot her a smile, or C) turn into a lovesick zombie after a robber rushes into the restaurant and shoots you down? Assuming we’re talking about the video for “Dead to the World,” Ha Ha Tonka’s new single (and the kickoff track for their fourth album, Lessons), the answer is actually D) all of the above.

“We knew early on that ‘Dead to the World’ would be the opening track to Lessons,” explains frontman Brian Roberts. “We wanted it to sound gigantic and cinematic in scope, like the intro to a great movie… Hopefully, this clip will also serve as a great visual introduction to our new album.”

Thanks to a mix of strings, handclaps, upright piano and a sweeping, swelling refrain, the song certainly doesn’t sound dead to us. Live it up and check out the clip below.


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