Video Premiere: Korby Lenker, “Forbidden Fruit”


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In anticipation of his sixth album out March 25, Korby Lenker’s video for his new single “Forbidden Fruit” takes an opportunity to show a unique side of Nashville.  Lenker says the song “is a celebration of mischief. It’s about desire and suffering. The basic statement of the song is ‘I know it’s bad for me but I want it anyway.'” To incorporate those ideas into the video, Lenker chose Santa’s Pub as the location (recently named the #1 dive bar in America by Maxim) and Arnold Myint as the star. Myint owns several Nashville restaurants and is also a professional drag queen named Suzy Wong.

The video showcases both sides of Myint’s everyday life, focusing on shots of him singing along to “Forbidden Fruit.” “I wanted to show that people will surprise you in the most amazing way if you give them a chance. I’ve always admired Arnold’s ability to work successfully within the status quo even while he pursues interests the status quo would find unsettling,” notes Lenker. “In my life and music I want everyone to get along, I want everyone to feel accepted, but I want them to be just a little bit uncomfortable too.”

The combination of Myint’s storyline with the atmosphere of Santa’s Pub certainly makes for an interesting video. You can check out our exclusive premiere below, and look out for Lenker’s self-titled album out in March on Stuffed Piranha Records.


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