Video Premiere: Megan Bonnell, “Hunt and Chase”

Megan Bonnell - By Justin Broadbent

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At first glance, it might seem like Megan Bonnell took the literal approach with the video for “Hunt and Chase,” the first single off her upcoming debut of the same name. But much like her music, it’s far more enigmatic than that. The video, directed by Eriver Hijano, flashes and pans through fog and greenery, finding Bonnell running through forest and across a plowed field, settling with extended shots of her poised in a clearing or knelt with flowers at a cairn-like formation. The rumbling drums and haunting vocals provide the sonic compliment, echoing the titular chase and rendering the combined product more enigmatic than its separate parts.

“Hunt and Chase is about the departure from reality, into the absurd and sometimes frantic places we wonder to in our minds,” says Bonnell. “It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, where the bizarre becomes normal and all perspective is lost. The video was shot in Caledon, where I grew up and so a lot of it is reminiscent of my childhood, when everything could be lost in play. Now this adventure has roots, and they twist and turn into deeper nooks and darker corners. The mind knows no boundaries and I wanted to explore the heightened sense of experience, that you can only get to through your imagination.”

Hunt & Chase is out October 15 via Nevado Records.

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