Video Premiere: P.J. Pacifico, “Reaching”

PJ Pacifico
The Artist: P.J. Pacifico
The Song: “Reaching”
Fun Fact: P.J. Pacifico is a cancer survivor and has hosted performances for cancer patients through a project called “Band Together.”
Songwriter Says: “I wrote ‘Reaching’ with my buddy, Shannon McArthur, back in March while I had a day off from tour in Nashville. When I got to the writing session, we were coming up with ideas and I mentioned that the imagination is getting lost due to everyone feeling the need to document their every move with a picture; life through a touch screen. Sometimes it’s okay to let stuff remain a memory. I believe most of us are guilty of it in some way, myself included. The only scary thing is that there are a lot of false images being built out there. The term “selfie” is current and sings well, so we went with it.  Everyone will always have their own opinion of selfie taking, but  isn’t it a bit unhealthy?  I’m thrilled to have had Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Cary Brothers) produce this track, and my dear friend, Garrison Starr, sing on it with me. We had a bunch of fun recording this song.”

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(Photo: Jen Rosenstein)

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