Watch: Jimmy Fallon Frantically Recaps Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Easter Eggs

Jimmy Fallon is joining the Swifties in dissecting the latest round-up of easter eggs Taylor Swift has shared ahead of the release of her latest album, Midnights. With the album’s release just one month away, The Tonight Show host rattled off everything we know so far about the album and connected the dots for those that are not so keyed into all things, Swift.

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Swift often lays a trail of breadcrumbs ahead of her releases. Whether it’s referencing her favorite number 13, allusions to her old songs, or clues to something entirely new, Swift likes to occupy her fans while they wait for new material.

During Monday night’s show (Sept. 19), Roots band member Tariq Trotter played devil’s advocate as Fallon insisted that Swift has been up to her usual tricks with Midnights. “All that stuff is just conspiracy theories though,” Trotter said, which launched Fallon into a frenzied monologue.

Fallon began, “Thirteen is Taylor’s favorite number, and Midnights is gonna have 13 tracks on it, but nobody knows what the songs are called yet. On all the album art she’s shared so far, all the songs are fake titles, like ‘Track One,’ ‘Track Two’—that kind of thing.”

After more doubt from Trotter, Fallon pointed out that, in one of Swift’s recent Tik Toks, she shows off three limited edition vinyls of the album, which has the tracklist on the front cover blurred out, hinting at more surprises in store for the Swifties.

“Here’s where it gets interesting,” Fallon continued. “In Taylor’s entire discography, she’s only sung the word ‘midnight’ in six songs: ‘Style’ off of 1989, ‘You Are In Love’ off 1989, ‘New Years Day’ off Reputation, ‘The Last Great American Dynasty’ off Folklore, ‘Happiness’ off Evermore and of course, in ’22 (Taylor’s Version)’ off Red (Taylor’s Version).

Cause it also turns out she sang the phrase ‘middle of the night’ in seven songs throughout her discography: ‘Ready For It’ off Reputation, ‘Daylight’ off of Lover, ‘You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)’ off of Fearless (Taylor’s Version)‘Untouchable (Taylor’s Version)’ off of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), ‘All Too Well (Ten Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)’ off of Red (Taylor’s Version), ‘Better Man (Taylor’s Version)’ off of Red (Taylor’s Version) and ‘Nothing New’ featuring Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor’s version, off of Red (Taylor’s Version).”

Trotter tried to rush Fallon to some sort of conclusion by asking “What are you saying?” Fallon wrapped things up with “Six ‘midnights’ plus seven ‘middle of the nights’ equal 13. Thirteen is Taylor’s favorite number, that’s how many songs are on Midnights. Taylor’s a genius!”

We can’t argue there. Watch Fallon break down Swift’s Midnights‘ easter eggs below. Swift’s 10th studio album will drop on October 21.

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