Song Premiere: Wharfer, “Marietta”

Sometimes, if you’re in the right place at the right time, magical things can happen. If you’re Wharfer, that magic means finding a piano in the middle of a park in Brooklyn. “I was wandering through the park pretty late on a Saturday night and saw an old yellow piano sitting there. So I just knocked out the piano parts for this album in roughly 15 minutes while I was waiting to meet a friend,” says Wharfer’s Kyle Wall.

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Led by a haunting vocal and drenched in melancholy, “Marietta” sets the tone for Wharfer’s debut LP, The Rattling. “’Marietta’ was one of the first songs written for this project,” he says. “Lyrically it deals with themes of escape and disappearing – for better or worse – that recur throughout the album. The piano part echoes those themes.”

The majority of the album was self-recorded in Wall’s bedroom and backyard, which explains why he didn’t mind letting a little bit of Brooklyn bleed into the piano track. “It’s got this neat warbly sound that gives it character and melds rather fittingly with what the words are doing,” he says.

The Rattling is slated for release on August 27.


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