Omaha indie rockers Cursive have been releasing critically acclaimed albums since their formation in 1995; their latest is Mama, I’m Swollen, on Saddle Creek. Frontman and songwriter Tim Kasher took a few minutes to answer some questions upon their return from Europe.

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Describe a bit of the nuts and bolts of your writing process for this record and previous records?
Either myself or Ted [Stevens] will write a basic composition at home, something skeletal with chords and a vocal melody. We bring that to the practice space and work it out over the coming months. If the song appears to be sticking, we will delve into the lyrics, edit and re-edit until it feels complete.

How many songs will you and the band bring into the studio?

We write as many as we can muster, usually ending up around 20-something songs, and from there we will select about 15 or so songs for the studio, give or take a few.

How often do you revise, if at all?

Lyrics, quite a bit. Compositions, a decent amount, taking out verses here and there, changing chord structures when needed.

What are a couple records you’ve bought this year?

I bought the new Morrissey album, I’ve been enjoying that. My favorite purchase as of late is Philip Glass, The Orphee Suite.

What are your favorite books of the moment?

In the middle of Underworld by Don DeLillo-I am loving it. I’ve been reading an excessive amount of Philip Roth. I think I need a break!.


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