Tedo Stone Drops “Wunderkind” From Forthcoming LP, ‘Same Old Kid’

Life can pass by in a flash and you never really know what the next day will hold. For Tedo Stone, taking the time to enjoy being a husband, a father and a musician is important. This message is conveyed in his newest album and 4th LP, “Same Old Kid,” which features the single “Wunderkind,” written by Tedo Stone himself and Drew Beskin.

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Some of the best songs we find are the ones that speak close to home. Many people go to work for hours, away from their children and come home too tired for quality time. This goes for performers too. It can be difficult to be on the road having late nights while also being a father and wanting to spend time with your kids. In “Wunderkind,” Stone expresses the importance of living in the moment and enjoying the little things in life.   

“’Wunderkind’ is about watching my kids grow,” Stone said. “I am lucky to have three beautiful toddlers and every day I get to see their interests and personalities develop. I am very aware that time is precious, and the song is a reminder to drink it in and just enjoy being a dad while marveling at their potential.”

The meaning of the title refers to a person who achieved success at an early age. The soothing melody and carefree lyrics such as “You’re movin’ like a wunderkind. Climbin’ up the highest hill. You don’t even realize that you’re on top” will allow you to reflect on your youth and how far you have come in life. Hearing these words, you can imagine Stone thinking about his children while they are still young and how he believes they will succeed in the future. 

The single “Same Old Kid” was released to give listeners an idea of what the upcoming album will sound like. With an immediately upbeat instrumental tune, this song gives off a nostalgic vibe. Stone talks about the streets he once knew well and how he has grown up but remains the same kid at heart. 

Growing up in Georgia in a musical family, Stone was destined to take a liking to music. As a songwriter and a performer, Stone has developed a unique sound. He stayed true to his roots and recorded this album in Athens, Georgia. 

After working his way up the charts for nearly 10 years as a rock and roll artist, Stone continues to work to create his image and sound. He has diverted from his usual rock and roll in “Same Old Kid” to show a different side to his audience.

This single along with “Swann Song,” “Gummy” and “Town After Town,” can be heard on the full 10-track album on July 10.

Listen to “Wunderkind” below:

Photo by Sasha Stone

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