Zach Bryan Never Covered Another Musician on an Album—That Is Until 20-Year-Old Singer/Songwriter Noeline Hofmann Brought Him to Tears

Zach Bryan has released his newest single following the recent “Pink Skies (Eulogy).” This time, it’s a cover of a Noeline Hofmann song, an up-and-coming Americana artist who Bryan likened to Gillian Welch. “Purple Gas” was written by Hofmann, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Alberta, Canada. Bryan has released the song not only as a cover, but as a duet with Hofmann.

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Bryan shared some thoughts on the single on social media, writing, “This song brought me to tears the first time I heard it so it was really important for me that Noeline gave me the privilege to sing it with her.

“I have never covered another musician on an album and it’s because I was waiting on someone to write a song like this. Noeline resonates like Gillian Welch to me and Gillian is one of my favorite musicians to ever live.”

Bryan first came across the song as a snippet Hofmann posted on social media. He liked it so much that he invited her to a Belting Bronco session, which is a music series he hosts on YouTube where he invites artists to sing in the back of his Ford Bronco. The video posted in January, and now the two have partnered up on a duet for Zach Bryan’s forthcoming album The Great American Bar Scene.

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The Inspiration Behind Noeline Hofmann’s Song “Purple Gas,” Which is Now a Duet With Zach Bryan

Speaking with the Calgary Eyeopener in 2023, per a report from Stereogum, Hofmann explained the inspiration behind “Purple Gas.” According to Hofmann, “[The song] was inspired by tax-deducted fuel that we have for farmers here in Alberta. I was working a ranch job. I got home in October of last year, and I was thinking about that and the effect that experience had on me, and… the resilient, rural people that that brought me up.”

Zach Bryan also announced that he wants to create a fan-sourced video for the single, similar to the one he did for “Something in the Orange.” He posted about the video on Twitter/X, writing, “EVERYBODY, I am making a fan sourced video for Noeline Hofmann’s song we sang for my new album ‘The Great American Bar Scene’ like I did for ‘Something in the Orange.’ I like doing these because it makes me feel so much more connected to the people that listen to my music.

He continued, “Send any hometown, farmland, American centered, midwestern, western style footage to this link, we will not be picky.”

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