Tim McGraw Responds To Curb With Counter Suit

Things are heating up between country star Tim McGraw and his once-amiable record label, Curb. Last week, we reported on McGraw's legal tussle with the Nashville-based label. Curb filed a suit alleging that McGraw began work on what would be his final studio album for the label prior to the 12-month window allowable under his contract, which ensures recordings be "topical and new." Now, according to Billboard, Tim McGraw and his legal team have fired back with a counter suit. In addition to holding firm that Emotional Traffic was recorded in 2009 and 2010 - not in 2008, as Curb's suit claims - McGraw's team points out that Curb never asked any questions about the chronology of previous material. McGraw again points out the disproportionate number of compilation albums that Curb has released in recent years. In addition to three separate volumes of McGraw's Greatest Hits compilations - and two limited edition releases of the same albums - Curb dropped Collector's Edition and, most recently, Number One Hits in 2010. Four of the releases came in between McGraw's 2007 and 2009 albums, Let It Go and Southern... Sign In to Keep Reading

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