Mindset of the Successful Independent Musician: The Peter Sprague Interview

PS: Yeah, and David, this is going to be my last answer as I have my guy that I’m meeting with in the studio and he’s just arrived and he’s here a little early so we still have a few more minutes. Also to let you know that if you need a little more time and there’s a couple more questions you need answered we can find some time later in the week.

DA: Oh thank you so much. Um, okay.

PS: So back to your question, back to the question you just asked, if someone came into the studio and recorded some songs, they’re a singer/songwriter, where to go from here with that recording.

I walk out of the studio with this quality recording, what do I do with it.

You know, the current thing I would do if I was a singer/songwriter, one thing I would do is get a video camera and lip synch to, make a video out of each of the songs and put them up on YouTube. I mean, do that. I guess that it’s SoundCloud. I don’t know, I’ve never used it. It’s a way of posting the music up online and sort of create a little bit of web presence so that you can direct peoplesay “Yeah, go hear my song on SoundCloud.” Um, I’m not sure if I would go get the recording pressed into a CD, but if you have the money it would be great to print up 200 CDs, because really a present-day calling card or business card is to give out your CD. “Yeah, this is who I am, this is how I sound, I’d love to play at your venue, so there is still good reason to press the CDs as a way that you can have a little bit of artwork on there, a picture of you, your information on how you can be connected with, all of that is good stuff.

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