10 of the Best Don Felder Quotes

Don Felder joined the Eagles in 1974. Though he wouldn’t remain in the outfit for the duration of their career, his irreplaceable guitar playing was the onus behind many of the band’s hits. Check out 10 of Felder‘s best quotes, below.

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10 of the Best Don Felder Quotes

1. “Every once in a while, it seems like the cosmos part, and something great plops into your lap.”

2. “When you got on the private plane, you had your own private lounge where you could close the door. So there wasn’t a lot of friendly conversation; we were in incubators by ourselves. That just bred a void – avoid each other, and avoid the issues.”

3. “Your nerve coatings are only so thick. When they get worn really thin and frayed, that’s when people say things, do things, misbehave.”

4. “Being in a band with three guitar players, one thing you need to do is learn to make each guitar voice sound separate and identifiable.”

5. “I think Don Henley is a brilliant contemporary rock writer. He would have been a fabulous poet if he weren’t a musician. He was a literary major, and not only that – he’s gifted with a brilliant voice. To me, Don could sing the New York City Yellow Pages and I’d buy it. I just love the sound of his voice.”

6. “Glenn’s passing was so unexpected and has left me with a very heavy heart filled with sorrow. He was so young and still full of amazing genius. He was an extremely talented songwriter, arranger, leader, singer, guitarist – you name it – and Glenn could do it and create ‘Magic’ on the spot.”

7. “I try to balance work and family. As long as I’m able physically and mentally to do it, I will.”

8. “When I first left the Eagles, I said, ‘That’s it. I’m going to play golf.’ After 10 days, it was like… there has to be more to life! I can still swing a golf club, and don’t forget, Les Paul played until he literally passed away.”

9. “Glenn was the one who invited me to join the Eagles in 1974, and it turned out to be a gift of a lifetime to have spent so many years working side by side with him. He was funny, strong, and generous. At times, it felt like we were brothers, and at other times, like brothers, we disagreed.”

10. “There was no call from anybody in the band to discuss any of the things that had been a problem or what I had done wrong.”

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