Dawes, “From A Window Seat”

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There’s little use in trying to get around the general coolness of Dawes. The quartet, led by Taylor Goldsmith has buddied up with Jackson Browne and they’ve produced and played with young, insurgent country acts such as Johnny Fritz. Indeed, the group has been a laid-back stud in the midst of irony-filled indie-acts for a while.

The just-released track, “From a Window Seat,” from the upcoming Stories Don’t End LP (April 9 on Hub Records) is a great introductory tune, full of elements that showcases a band that’s continually progressing while retaining its own personality. The Jackson Browne comradery can’t be missed from the second the song starts, and in this case, such is not a bad thing in the least. The bouncing piano keys highlight a punched-up drumbeat and dictate a pace that’s a step quicker than much of Dawes previous material. The song’s mid-section takes a funky, festive left-turn with thumping bongos preceding majestic, electric guitars as the oncoming solo makes its groove-laden presence felt for a bit. Goldsmith’s lyrics continue to roll out in storybook fashion, as well. “They’re pointing to the exits, but it looks more like a prayer.” Not just anyone can make the pre-flight ritual of a flight-attendant sound so intriguing.

As has been the case for Dawes over the past three years, things probably look really great from just about any seat they’re in.

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