15 Songs You Didn’t Know Miley Cyrus Covered

Miley Cyrus is one of the most versatile artists in the world right now.

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She has a high register, a low register, a gravelly voice, and a sweet voice. She has experience, and connections to legends (Dolly Parton is her Godmother, for one example) and she’s just a badass who oozes confidence on and off the stage.

As such, she’s a natural at covering songs from other legends like herself.

Below, we will dive into a baker’s dozen of tunes that Cyrus crushed.

1. “Back to Black”

The late Amy Winehouse had a voice for the ages. But so does Cyrus, who showcases her pipes on this now-infamous song from Winehouse, which is all about heartbreak.

2. “Heart Of Glass”

Blondie was one of the most charming bands of all time and, well, yes, Cyrus has charm coming out of her ears. She’s delightful and offers her knack for the bright and lovely on this rendition of Blondie’s hit.

3. “Zombie”

One of the most famous songs from the 1990s, The Cranberries’ song “Zombie” is also an anti-war protest song. Here, Cyrus offers all her strength and power to the tune. Check it out below.

4. “Black Dog”

Robert Plant is as amazing a frontman as there ever was. So, it’s difficult for just about anyone to nail his power. But Cyrus does it. Can you believe it? We can!

5. “Man Eater”

There aren’t many songwriting duos as talented and as decorated as Hall & Oates. Yet, Cyrus matches their prowess in this rendition of theie hit song “Man Eater.”

6. “Jolene”

As mentioned, Dolly Parton is Cyrus’ Godmother. So, it’s practically a pre-requisite for Cyrus to know and nail this song, which is perhaps one of Parton’s most famous. Check out the dominant performance below.

7. “Where Is My Mind”

The eerie tune creeps and crawls into your ear and then into your mind. It’s a tough one to do with accuracy and skill. Yet, of course, Cyrus does it better than just about anyone could. Check it here.

8. “A Boy Named Sue”

One of the best storytelling songs, “A Boy Named Sue” was made famous by Johnny Cash. But if it wasn’t, it would have been made famous by Cyrus. Check out her fun, jerky-jerky rendition of the tune below.

9. “Like A Prayer”

Is there a better pairing than Madonna and Miley Cyrus? One listen to this rendition of the Queen of Pop’s song “Like A Prayer” and the answer is likely no. Check out Cyrus killing this track below.

10. “I Love Rock and Roll” and “Cherry Bomb”

Joan Jett is a legend. And that legend began to blossom on songs like “I Love Rock and Roll” and “Cherry Bomb.” So, it’s no wonder another lady legend like Cyrus takes them on and destroys any expectations.

11. “Wild Horses”

While Cyrus can rock, she can also tug at your heartstrings. Again, she’s one of the most capable and versatile performers on Planet Earth. Check her out on this famous track from The Rolling Stones below, during which her country talents ooze.

12. “Last Christmas”

When you’re as talented as Cyrus, you’re asked to host holiday specials and when doing so it’s a no-brainer to cover the Wham! song “Last Christmas.” Watch Cyrus sleigh—er, slay—the song below.

13. “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”

One of the coolest tracks ever, Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” is an all-timer, and coming off the lips of Cyrus it’s that much better. Check out the amazing rendition below.

14. “Nothing Else Matters”

Heavy metal meet Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus meet heavy metal. The country star can do it all and she showcases just that on this version of the hit Metallica song. What pipes, what confidence!

15. “Comfortably Numb”

Listening to all these covers, one gets a sense of what it must be like to hear Cyrus just singing around her house listening to the radio or playlists. What skill, what a lover of music. Check her out doing a great rendition of this famous Pink Floyd tune.

Miley Cyrus (Photo: RCA Records)

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