Song Premiere: Kyle Cox, “Trusty Ol’ Pair of Boots”

Photo by Kyle Dean Reinford

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kyle Cox is no longer writing songs from the comfort of his Orlando front porch, but one of the tracks off his upcoming EP, Trio & Friends, goes back to a moment on that porch when a quick glance at his work boots turned into an instant love song.

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“I remember writing this song on the front porch of my house in Orlando,” Cox said. “Sarah was off at work, and I just had my feet kicked up and I was messing with my guitar. As I was looking down at my feet, I started fitting the first lyric of the song — “Like a trusty ol’ pair of boots, honey I wear your love just right …” — into what I was strumming. From there the song basically wrote itself. It was one of those fun, rare moments as a songwriter that you feel you discovered the song, not wrote the song.

In advance of his forthcoming EP, out June 3, Cox is sharing “Trusty Ol’ Pair of Boots,” a two-and-a-half-minute track that compares the warm feeling of love to a well-fitting pair of work boots, with lyrics like, “Built to last and never fall apart/ only fits better over time” and “I’m not trying on others/ your love’s just my size.” Cox’s half-sung/half-spoken melodies on the track recall those of the Avett Brothers, which is fitting since Trio & Friends was produced by the band’s drummer, Mike Marsh.

Listen to “Trusty Ol’ Pair of Boots” below:

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