20 Country and Americana Songs To Light up Your 4/20 Playlist

It’s that time of year again. Time to gather up your best buds and all of your friends and have a laid-back smoke session. No good session is complete without a soundtrack, though. With that in mind, here are some country and Americana tracks to add to your 4/20 playlist to keep the good vibes going.

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This isn’t just going to be a list of songs that mention the devil’s lettuce. While there are plenty of those on the list, this is more about setting the mood. After all, a song doesn’t have to be about Mother Nature’s medicine to enjoy it while elevating your consciousness.

Get Your Country-Adjacent 4/20 Playlist Started Right

Let’s set the scene. You’ve got your smoke session partners, cold drinks, a few snacks, and all the supplies you need to get the high holiday celebration started. Go ahead and hit play while you twist away at your grinder and prepare to leave Earth’s orbit.

“Illegal Smile”—John Prine

When listening to the first track on John Prine’s unparalleled 1971 self-titled debut album, it’d be easy to believe that he wrote it for just such an occasion. However, that’s not the case. He wrote about it in the liner notes for Great Days: The John Prine Anthology.

He acknowledged that “Illegal Smile” had become a pothead anthem. While he was fine with that, it wasn’t his intention. The song, he said, was “not about smokin’ dope. It was more about how, ever since I was a child, I had this view of the world where I can find myself smiling at stuff nobody would be smiling at,” he wrote.” Prine added, “But it was such a good anthem for dope smokers that I didn’t want to stop every time I played it and make a disclaimer.”

He’s not wrong. It’s a great way to kick off any country playlist for 4/20.

“My Best Friends”—Crimson Calamity

By the time this song comes on, your smoking accessory of choice has likely made it around the circle at least once. Now is a great time to put on this clever song about the duo’s best friends, Mary and Jane. The song is packed with tongue-in-cheek wordplay and the video is perfect for the occasion.

“The Light Saw Me”—Jason Boland & The Stragglers

And now for something completely different. All the tracks from Jason Boland & The Stragglers’ 2021 album The Light Saw Me would make great selections to a country playlist for 4/20. However, the title track might be the best choice. Listen closely, it’s a honky tonk banger about witnessing an alien ship crash while fishing.

“Dire Wolf”—Grateful Dead

The smoke is probably getting pretty thick by now. You’re probably also glad you remembered to grab a drink before you sat down. Now, is the perfect time to dive headlong into the crazy story that lies at the heart of this highlight from Workingman’s Dead. There’s a video of Billy Strings playing the song which is great as well.

“Worry B Gone”—Guy Clark

It doesn’t matter if it’s for 4/20 or not, no country playlist is truly complete without a Guy Clark song. Take another puff of that “worry-be-gone” and turn up the volume a little for the King of Texas Troubadours’ ode to the sticky-icky.

More Country Songs to Add to Your 4/20 Playlist

Now that we’ve set the vibe, it’s time to load up the rest of your 4/20 playlist with country bangers and laid-back tunes. Take what you want and leave the rest.

  1. “I Can Get off on You”—Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings
  2. “Getting High at Home”—Mike and the Moonpies/Silverada
  3. “I Hope I’m Stoned (When Jesus Takes Me Home)”—Charlie Worsham
  4. “Boys from Oklahoma”—Cross Canadian Rag Weed
  5. “I Smoke Weed”—Ashland Craft, Brothers Osborne
  6. “Gettin’ High, By, and Strange”—Kris Kristofferson
  7. “Willie Nelson’s Wall”—Vincent Neil Emerson
  8. “Wagon Wheel”—Old Crow Medicine Show
  9. “Cold Dog Soup”—Guy Clark
  10. “Away from the Mire”—Billy Strings
  11. “A Tornado Warning”—Turnpike Troubadours
  12. “A Tornado & The Fool”—Jason Boland & the Stragglers
  13. “Dooley’s Farm”—Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway feat Billy Strings
  14. “Nobody Dies from Weed”—Hayes Carl and Band of Heathens
  15. “Roll Me Up”—Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Kris Kristofferson, Jamey Johnson

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