Essential Loretta Lynn: 3 Deep Cuts From The First Lady of Country Music

Loretta Lynn’s career was a rich one, and the famed country music singer was world-renowned for her ability to write music about heartache, resilience, and empowerment. She’s known for hits and controversial songs like “Coal Miner’s Daughter’ and “The Pill”, but even the biggest Loretta Lynn fans might not know about some of her more “underground” hits. Let’s look at some essential Loretta Lynn deep cuts!

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1. “This Haunted House”

This 1964 track hasn’t gotten much love compared to other Loretta Lynn hits. However, it’s a great track from her second-ever album and a great example of her musical abilities early on in her career. 

“This Haunted House” is an enticing track about loneliness and longing. Lynn paints a very vivid picture of how it feels to be haunted by the ghost of lost love.

2. “Wine, Women And Song”

This is one of Lynn’s more rollicking anthems, and it’s also one of her first songs to deviate away from traditional gender roles in the country music genre. Lynn croons about freedom and independence, complete with an infectious rhythm and playful lyrics.

“Wine, Women And Song” is refreshing, to say the least. Especially when you compare the track to the more somber country hits of the time.

3. “I’m Dynamite”

Loretta Lynn’s music has always been about self-assurance and confidence. It’s what made her a star. “I’m Dynamite” is a great example of a classic Lynn song with bold lyrics and an upbeat tempo.

It’s one of her catchier tunes with a solid message: Don’t let them underestimate you. It’s a real testament to Lynn’s strength as a woman in a notoriously male-dominated industry. Her legacy truly lives on.

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