Guest Blog: PigPen Theatre Co.

We fell in love with the Mumford-esque music of PigPen, but we weren't quite sure how to categorize them, so we asked them to write this guest blog. Read on. “So, are you guys a band or a theatre company?” That's a question we get asked a lot. We're gearing up for the opening of our newest play in NYC (called The Old Man and the Old Moon) and every time we head into Washington Square Park to play our music and hand out fliers for our play people are simultaneously intensely interested and slightly confused.  Even with the lines between theatre and music getting blurrier every day (The Flaming Lips are making a musical!  David Byrne is making a musical!  Life is Theatre, Lady Gaga!), the idea of a band originating as a theatre company is not a familiar one. "Band or theatre company?" The simple answer is “We write original folk-tales and folk-music - so... both!”, but we thought we’d share a part of our story in hopes that it might clear things up. And that you'll like us. But mostly to clear things up. The seven of us met as actors in the drama school at Carnegie Mellon in 2008. Our freshman year, we came together to write…

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