2nd Place | “Starlite Hotel”


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He handed me the keys from behind a window
It looked more like a cage
He didn’t show too much emotion
But he sure couldn’t hide his age
He said I hope you’re the kind of boy
Who learns his lessons well
Because you don’t want to spend
More than one night
At the Starlite Hotel

There was a number on the key
So I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door
She opened it up looked at me and said
What are you standin’ out there for
You know a hundred dollars here
Will buy you an hour with the woman of your dreams
She said I charge twenty-five
My Name is Irene


And I’ll wear nothing but a smile for you poor boy
As she turns out the light
Twenty-five bucks for a good time
Then I’m gonna send you back into the night
Don’t ask me if this is wrong
Just tell me if it feels all right
And don’t kiss me please
It’s not allowed here
At the Starlite Hotel

She said if you’re like all the others
You’re gonna want to pretend I’m somebody else
And that’s okay
My only rule is that when we’re through
You have to tell me her name
Tell me is she a long-lost love who left you behind
Or a sweet young thing waitin’ at home
Or is she a dream that lives on only in your mind
When you’re out in this dark place alone


She leaned up against the headboard
It framed her like a throne
The neon flashin’ through the window
Made her white skin look like bone
She said you know this is not about love
It’s just about coverin’ up the pain
But don’t think about it too much son
I’ve seen it drive grown men insane



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