3 Elton John Albums That Stood The Test of Time

It’s hard to pinpoint which of Elton John’s albums are the absolute best of his career. It all comes down to personal taste. And realistically, the Rocket Man has never released a truly awful record. Still, there are a few albums that are truly iconic releases from his career that almost everyone can enjoy, even in the new millennium. Let’s take a look at three of Elton John’s albums that stood the test of time!

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1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – 1973

When most people think of Elton John, they think of this 1973 album. It’s packed with most of John’s greatest hits, including “Bennie And The Jets”, “Candle In The Wind”, “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. 

It’s peak Elton John when he was at his most popular and had become a household name. It’s a very commercial album, but that didn’t stop John from inserting the controversial track “All The Girls Love Alice” which follows the story of a dead teenage lesbian prostitute. Top-tier stuff.

2. Madman Across The Water – 1971

We can’t talk about Elton John’s greatest albums without mentioning that his partner in crime Bernie Taupin wrote the vast majority of his songs. A great example of Taupin’s songwriting prowess is the 1971 hit album Madman Across The Water

To put it simply, it’s a very strange (but good) album. The opener has some progressive rock leanings and is narrated by a psychopath in an insane asylum. The hit single “Levon” is almost impossible to decipher lyrically. “Tiny Dancer” shines as the major hit from the album, and it’s still a karaoke favorite today.

3. Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy – 1975

Elton John was already riding the waves at the peak of his career when he released Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy. However, he wanted to create a concept album. And he wanted the concept to be the early days of his career. 

This 1975 album was a fantastic journey for fans of John, even if it wasn’t the most radio-friendly album of his career. He made no effort to write songs that would become hits, though “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” did climb the charts. 

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