3 Musicians Mick Jagger Dislikes

No one would accuse Mick Jagger of not knowing what he is talking about. The legendary rockstar is more than worth his salt. So if he takes issue with someone in the music space, shouldn’t we hop on board? See if you agree with Jagger. Check out three bands Jagger dislikes, below.

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1. Aerosmith

It was Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler that fostered Jagger’s dislike of the rock outfit. While Aerosmith is now considered a pioneering force in music, Jagger once found them to be a pale imitation of The Rolling Stones–particularly his own, unique stage presence.

Comparisons could be drawn between Tyler and Jagger. They are both energetic and enigmatic frontmen with singular body language. Given Jagger and the Stones started first, he felt that Tyler was trying a little too hard to emulate him.

“He’s such a little sweetheart, really,” Jagger once said of Tyler. “What can you do with him? Punch him in the mouth? Here, what are you playing at, fuckin’ impersonating me? – slam!”

2. The Clash

Jagger’s dislike of The Clash was something that developed over time. Jagger once had favorable things to say about the punks, but as time went on, he felt their shine dimmed.

“I don’t feel connected with bands like the Clash, the bands that still play every night,” Jagger once said. “I can only see them as repeats of everything that happened before. I think it’s a bit unfortunate, too, but I think that no one would disagree with me. Most musicians in fact do agree with me.”

3. Sex Pistols

Whenever a new generation of rockers hits the scene, it can often make the older generation look a little passé. However, most burgeoning rock groups would be more than willing to pay homage to the legends that came before them. That’s not the case for the Sex Pistols though.

The punk rock trailblazers wanted to shove the Stones out of the way. They labeled them as old news that needed to quiet so that their new, rageful brand of rock could thrive. Needless to say, Jagger did not find that flattering.

“I think even Sid Vicious is basically a nice guy, but Johnny Rotten keeps talking bad about me,” Jagger once said. “He’ll get his rotten teeth kicked in one day.”

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