4 Country Singers Who You May Not Know Were In The Military

Many country singers out there sing about honoring the red, white, and blue or their general love of the United States. However, only a few have actually spent time in the service. In honor of Memorial Day, let’s take a look at four country singers who served in the United States military!

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1. Johnny Cash

Country legend Johnny Cash was known for his darker style of country music and love of performing for underdogs in prisons. He was also once a serviceman. Cash service in the US Air Force for four years in the 1950s. He was stationed in Germany for most of his tenure. Cash’s main role was as a radio intercept officer, meaning he would listen in on Russian communications and translate Russian Morse code.

2. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson graduated high school way back in 1950. Upon graduating, he enlisted in the US Air Force. He served for about nine months. Unfortunately, he had to be medically discharged due to medical problems involving his back. He left the service in 1952.

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3. Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan is one of the most well-known country singers to serve in the military. He is still a current member of the US Army Reserve. Morgan began his military career as an emergency med tech at the fresh age of 18. He has gone on to serve in the US Army and Army Reserves for almost two decades. Morgan’s country music career was similarly successful, but he did cite his “love for [my] country” as his main motivation for becoming a serviceman.

4. Jamey Johnson

After an unsuccessful two-year stint in college, Johnson opted to join the US Marine Corps Reserve. He served for four years. Johnson has said that he began playing country music live during his time in the Marines, so you could say that his time in the service launched his music career.

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