4 Questions with Carter Faith About Her Powerful “Man” Music Video

This is a man’s world / But women hold it up, Carter Faith sings in her recent release, “Man.” Like much of Faith’s music, the lyricism in “Man” features a clever turn of phrase: Loving you made a man out of me. She sings about a relationship that molded her into the wo(man) she is today. She does the hard thing and leaves the toxicity, which her partner apparently didn’t have the strength to do.

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I’ve paid the price for your cheatin’ lies / You begged me, “Baby, please” / You made leaving come so naturally, she sings in the chorus.

To accompany the song, Faith has shared a powerful new music video. The visual sees her hop on the back of a Harley and ride away from her troubles. It’s powerful and has just the kind of moxy a song like this requires.

American Songwriter chatted with Faith about the visual. Find the four questions we asked the rising country singer, below.

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1. Can you talk a little bit about writing “Man?” I love the crux of the chorus: Loving you made a man out of me. Did you start with that concept or did it develop as you were writing it?

Carter Faith: Tofer Brown, Lori Mckenna, and I stumbled into writing this song because we all had a similar title to the hook in our heads. I remember the chorus just falling out so fast and being so excited about the song.

2. Do you have a favorite line in the song? 

Faith: My favorite line in the song is in the bridge, I ain’t your baby and you ain’t that tough, it just says everything to me.

3. How did the video treatment come about? 

Faith: My idea for the video came to me while I was sitting in a waffle house in Chattanooga and saw an all-female biker gang roll up, I immediately thought it was the most badass thing I had ever seen.

4. What do you hope fans get out of listening to this track? 

Faith: I hope people feel empowered when they listen to this song, I hope it allows them to be a little pissed off and unapologetic for 3 short minutes. 

Photo: Muriel Margaret / Sacks & Co.

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