4 Songs For People Who Say They Don’t Like David Bowie

David Bowie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Many aren’t a fan of experimental art rock, and there’s no shame in it. Others aren’t fans of mainstream pop music, which Bowie definitely delivered with hits like “Fame” and “Let’s Dance”. However, part of what made Bowie such a legendary artist was his ability to cross genres and make music that had never really been made before. If you don’t particularly like David Bowie, we recommend checking out a few of these lesser-known songs!

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1. “Heroes”

This song from his eponymous 1977 album might just change your mind if you don’t like David Bowie’s music. It has a crazy backstory, was co-written by Brian Eno, and features killer guitar work from King Crimson’s Robert Fripp. 

2. “Sound And Vision”

Another underrated Bowie track from 1977, “Sound And Vision” is a rather odd hit. The vocals don’t really kick in on Low until this song. If you’ve ever felt uninspired, you might relate to Bowie crooning about waiting in a “blue room” for inspiration to hit. It’s one of his cheesier songs, but a great diversion from the sound associated with his bigger hit songs.

3. “Young Americans”

Another hit from an eponymous album, the 1975 track “Young Americans” is a history lesson more than anything. It features backing vocals from soul singer Luther Vandross before he was famous. Naturally, the song has an R&B and soul vibe to it that isn’t typical of other David Bowie tracks. It’s a great song to listen to if you want to pinpoint Bowie’s transition from glam art rock to soul music. There wasn’t anything Bowie couldn’t do!

4. “Blackstar”

Again, another song from an eponymous album. Only there’s something very special about “Blackstar” and the album of the same name from 2016. It was Bowie’s last release before he passed away, and the singer seemed to know the end was near while writing this particular song (and album). It’s haunting, to say the least. “Lazarus” is another heartwrenching song worth checking out.

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