4 Songs You Didn’t Know Sam Smith Wrote For Other Artists

Sam Smith has a voice that cuts through anything and everything. A ray of light through any darkness.

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Their expertly crafted pop song “Unholy,” which some have called devilish, is an example of the power of Smith. As a performer, as a singer, as a presence on stage.

To date, the British-born artist has garnered five Grammy Awards to go along with a Golden Globe and an Oscar. But another feather (or four) in Smith’s cap is the fact that they’ve worked with so many terrific artists—even writing for them.

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Below are four songs that Smith has written for other artists. (And for more bonus Smith material, check out their performance here with Brandi Carlile.)

1. “Therapy,” Mary J. Blige

Written by Mary J. Blige, Sam Smith, and Eg White

This self-inspirational blues song, which displays Blige’s skillful, nimble, precise voice is from her 2014 album, The London Sessions. It was written by Blige, Smith, and British songwriter Eg White. The track, which talks about the value of therapy, is for those turning points in your life when you know there could be something better if you just talk to someone. Or listen to the right song.

2. “Right Now,” Mary J. Blige

Written by Mary J. Blige, Guy Lawrence, Howard Lawrence, James Napier and Sam Smith

A bonus collaboration between Blige and Smith, this song reinforces the magic of Smith’s words and vibes through Blige’s pipes and swagger. Whereas “Therapy” is more of an R&B doo-wop, “Right Now” is more of a dance, disco number. From her 2014 album, The London Sessions, the song is about declaring your space and wanting to change. In that way, it has similar themes to the song above—the past is the past, and let’s make a better future. Songs of turning points. The song hit No. 1 on the U.S. Dance Club Songs chart, Blige’s fifth track to achieve the feat.

3. “Flashlight,” Jessie J

Written by Sia Furler, Christian Guzman, Jason Moore, and Sam Smith

From the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack, “Flashlight” is from the British pop star, Jessie J. But it’s also got a couple of heavy hitters behind it, including Smith and Australian artist Sia, who has written songs for artists like Rihanna as well as garnering nine Grammy nominations. The song hit No. 2 in Australia, No. 7 in New Zealand, and No. 68 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. It’s an emotional, even lonesome pop song bolstered by big production and swelling pianos. The song highlights the idea of getting through. Even, Jessie J tells us, when the rain won’t stop, there is a way toward light, warmth, and higher ground.

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4. “Sex on the Beach,” PartyNextDoor

Written by Jahron Brathwaite, Sean Seaton, Guy Lawrence, Howard Lawrence, Sam Smith, and James Napier

The third track on the debut studio record by Canadian artist PartyNextDoor, “Sex on the Beach” is about what the title implies: lust. The idea of sexual exhibitionism is brought to the fore. And the pulsating percussion makes it seem like a good idea. The album, which also features the acclaimed artist Drake on the track”Recognize,” debuted at No. 15 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and No. 1 on the U.S. Top R&B Albums chart.

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