4th Place, May/June 2014 Lyric Contest: “Dirt”

4th Place
Dan Divine
Moundville, Missouri

Carried my father to his grave
Threw a clod of dirt on that box
People gathered round, respects were paid
The dirt seemed hungry to claim our loss

I remember when he told me
Another year he would not see
As he sat there in life’s slavery
Became clear one certainty

So while we can boys let’s throw one down
Let’s enjoy our joys avoid our frowns
Don’t hold your tongue boys spread your love around
Cause soon we’ll all be, in the ground

Well dirt is dirt, it doesn’t care
It smothers, and it hides
Once in it takes a marker to show where
All dirt knows is you died

My father he was an honest man
Dirt keeps him just the same
If you got things need said say em while you can
What you take with you the dirt will claim

(Repeat chorus)

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