4th Place | “The Bride’s On The Run”

4th Place | May/June 2009 Lyric Contest
Written by Mary Shannon Campbell
Basalt, Colorado
“The Bride’s on the Run”

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I was wearing white, instead of prison blues
The whole wedding party’s on the six o’ clock news
And weren’t you just the handsomest thing
Wearing your stolen wedding ring?
There were crows in church yard on our wedding day
They say its bad luck, but who the hell are they?

The bride’s on the run, someone try and catch her
She’s headed for the border boys, saddle up and fetch her
If she gets away this time, we’ll never get her back
She’s a damn pretty girl, but she’s a maniac.

Under my dead granny’s dress I had a house arrest device
You winked at me and slipped my garter past it real nice
I was headed for the border before they threw the rice
Don’t worry baby, I know our love’s for real
I’m giving you a dory of all the money I can steal

If they lock me up again I’ll be a three time loser
I’m full-time felon and a part-time boozer
You sure know how to pick ‘em baby, that’s no lie
You shoulda moved on after your first black eye
They say you can’t choose who you love in this life
So you threw caution to a hurricane and made me your wife

Now they’ve got choppers in the sky and dogs on my trail
All the golden streets of heaven couldn’t make my bail
With time off for good behavior I’ll be out in 50 years
If you ever come to visit me, try sneakin’ in some beers
There’s no place left to run, I’m wanted far and wide
But when all is said and done, I made a damn pretty bride

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