5 Deep Cuts From Sheryl Crow That You Should Be Listening To

Sheryl Crow has a little something for everyone. Whether you prefer a rocky anthem that makes you wanna “have some fun” or a ballad that makes you stop and think for a while, you’ll find a song from Crow’s discography that fits your fancy.

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But, moving beyond her hit singles, Crow has mastered making albums that forgo any fillers. From end to end, her tracklists feel cohesive and stellar. Despite this, a number of her songs have escaped the public’s ears and remain sequestered to the playlists of die-hard fans.

Below, we’re detailing a few of those lesser-known songs to help you expand your Crow knowledge. Find five deep cuts from Crow, below.

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1. “Superstar”

“Superstar” comes from Crow’s early years. Her ’70s-inspired roots are showing here with an electric piano and a rhythm section that is reminiscent of the Rolling Stones. It’s dripping in ’70s soul while she sings about a wild night out: You got cheap shoes, a Malibu, and a big public fights / Well, there’s no one else I would rather be kissing.

2. “Wildflower”

Speaking of retro inspiration, Crow leans into a Beatles-Esque sound on “Wildflower.” The acoustic track is bolstered by a swell of strings and Crow singing at the top of her range. She elucidates the emotions found in the lyrics perfectly. You have always been my wildflower / Showing up wherever beauty’s lost its way / Your heart must break, she sings.

3. “Diamond Road”

Her 2002 album, C’mon, C’mon, features her incomparable hit “Soak Up The Sun.” While that song has become the undisputed standout from the record, there are a number of gems among the tracklist, including “Diamond Road.” With the addition of Stevie Nicks on backing vocals, it’s a wonder this song didn’t make more of an impact.

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4. “Easy”

“Easy” is a testament to how enduring Crow is. Taken from her 2013 album, Feels Like Home, this track is as stellar as anything she did in her early days. Recorded in Nashville, Crow discusses the blithe delights that have become familiar faces in country music. But you make it easy easy / Easy to get away / Sit in the sun and drink beer all day, she sings.

5. “God Bless This Mess”

Crow delivered a powerful protest song with “God Bless This Mess.” Released in 2008, she covers a wide breadth of current affairs including the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq War. She sings in the chorus God bless this mess / If this is as good as it’s gonna get / I’m gonna hold you like I know it’s gonna be okay again / I got a hurricane in my heart.

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