5 Times Taylor Swift Proved Those Sorcery Allegations to Be True

Taylor Swift practices magic every day. The effect she has on her fans could ostensibly be called enchantment—indescribable, powerful, and difficult to explain. Yet, there have been several occasions where she has displayed abilities that go far beyond those of a typical famous musician. Many of her peers could incite excited screams from a crowd, undying love, and fierce loyalty, but could they call in the rain or make a lightning strike? Swift seems to be able to.

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Find five instances that make us narrow our eyes and cock our heads at Swift. She is never beating those sorcery allegations and here’s why:

1. That time she conjured the lightning

Nature has played a big part in the Eras Tour, which is expected of an uncovered stadium tour. But, instead of playing against Swift, Mother Nature seems to be bending to her will. During a performance of “Fearless” in Tampa, lightning decided to strike at just the right moment. I’d dance in a storm / In my best dress, Swift sang before a flash of light came over the stadium. Swift was indeed in her best dress and “a storm” was not far behind. Coincidence? Maybe. But, we can’t be sure…we’re watching you, Swift.

2. That time even the sky was in it’s Lover era

Swift’s Lover era is characterized by swooning hues of pink. It’s the very essence of falling in love. She does a good job of representing that motif with her own visuals, but during one Eras Tour stop, the sky decided to follow suit. A striking sunset fell over the stadium just in time for Swift to play through highlights of the 2019 record. Once again, the elements seemed to be in alignment with Swift’s cause—perhaps a little too aligned…

3. The entire “Willow” performance in the Eras Tour

The choreography for “Willow” in the Eras Tour is a little suspicious. She and her dancers are cloaked while they dance in perfect synch with glowing orbs. It’s inherently a little witchy. They stop being a group of performers on stage and instead, transform into a coven for a moment. The standout from evermore becomes an incantation.

4. That time she thought the plane was going down—and it was

Swift herself referenced the sorcery allegations after performing in Argentina. The singer dusted off the Midnights deep cut “Labyrinth” for one of her surprise songs of the night. Just as she was singing I thought the plane was going down / How’d you turn it right around a plane flew over the stadium—a little too close for comfort. Was the airport really close to the stadium? Yes. But, isn’t it a little weird the only plane of the night decided to fly by at that specific moment? We certainly think so.

5. The many times she made it rain

As stated earlier, Mother Nature has reared its head many times during this trek. Never one to disappoint her fans, Swift has managed to play through the storms a handful of times. During her third show in Mexico City, the rain came in a peculiar fashion. It started just as she was about to sing “Midnight Rain” and promptly stopped right after. Maybe whoever controls the weather is just a Swiftie. But, we like to think it’s all her own doing.

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