Exclusive: John Oates Says His Split with Daryl Hall Is for Good: “There’s No Way… We’re Gonna Get Back Together”

Both Daryl Hall and John Oates revealed in separate recent interviews that they have broken up as a duo coinciding with a legal battle over the business aspects of their partnership. Now Oates has shared some more details about his own motivations for the split in a new, exclusive interview with American Songwriter.

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Oates’ conversation with American Songwriter came as he prepares to release a new Americana-influenced solo album titled Reunion on May 17.

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Asked if he thought there was any chance that he would reunite with Hall in the future, Oates said, “No.”

“There’s no way in my vision, peripherally, or in the future that we’re gonna get back together,” he insisted. “I have no intentions. I’m firmly committed to doing what I’m doing now, and I’m really enjoying the freedom and this amazing burst of creativity that I’ve had, because I can finally fully commit to [my solo projects].”

Oates then discussed how prolific he’s been as a solo artist during the last couple of decades.

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“Here’s the thing that people may not realize,” he said. “I’ve made eight solo albums over the past 20 years, but I’ve never been able to fully commit to any of them, because they were always shoehorned in between Hall & Oates concerts, and Hall & Oates responsibilities and commitments. And I never really felt I could really do what I wanted to do, the way I wanted to.”

Oates Says He Wants to Make the Most of His Time as He Gets Older

Oates, who turned 76 in April, also explained that reflecting on his own mortality also was a factor in him wanting to fully focus on his solo career.

“I finally just got to the point where, because so many of my contemporaries are passing away or getting ill or whatever it might be, I realized that … this is a finite thing,” he noted. “There’s a timestamp on all this stuff for me, especially at my age, and I don’t want to waste it.”

The singer/songwriter continued, “I want to make sure that I make the most of this … while I’m still healthy enough and skilled enough and thinking and singing and playing, that I can really … be the best I can be. So, because of that fact, there’s no reason to go back.”

Oates Reflects on Hall & Oates’ Musical Legacy

While his musical interests now are firmly focused on his solo endeavors, Oates said he remains extremely proud of the music he and Hall created together, saying they had “an amazing run.”

“I think the Hall & Oates songs will live forever,” Oates enthused. “I hope people will remember them in the context of the decade they were created and written and recorded in, ’cause that’s when they sound best. And for all the millions and millions of people around the world that saw us play together, I’m sure they will remember that for the rest of their life, if there are fans, and that’s the way I’d like them to remember [it].”

He added, however, “[T]he way I’m thinking, there’s no reason to go back and try to recreate that.”

Oates Says He’s Happy That Hall Also Will Have “Creative Freedom”

Oates also said he was “happy” that Hall also will have the chance to explore his own musical path.

“[H]e can do whatever he wants in whatever way he wants to do it,” Oates noted. “You know, he’s one of the greatest … singers and talented people, songwriters, of all time, and … he should be able to spread his wings, the same … way I am doing, and enjoy a certain type of creative freedom.”

As recently reported, Hall will be releasing a new solo album titled D on June 21. Hall co-produced the record with Eurythmics member Dave Stewart, who co-wrote most of the songs with him.

Oates’ and Hall’s 2024 Touring Plans

Both Oates and Hall have plenty of solo concerts lined up for this year.

Oates has more than a dozen confirmed upcoming shows, spanning through a September 21 performance at AMERICANAFEST 2024 in Nashville.

As for Hall, he’ll launch a 22-date co-headlining tour with Elvis Costello & the Imposters running from June 2 to July 25. He also has a one-off solo concert scheduled for August 23 in Boise, Idaho.

Tickets for Oates’ shows and Hall’s concerts are available now via various outlets, including StubHub.

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