More Songs We Absolutely Love From the 2022 Song Contest, Vol. I

We’re still buzzing over the American Songwriter 2022 Song Contest winners! Check out our First Place winner, Harper O’Neill, discovering that she won for her song, “Somebody”, below.

Because we received such a massive number of outstanding entries for the 2022 Song Contest, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite songs that we adored during the judging process. Check out the first half of those songs below and stay tuned for Volume II. The winners of this year’s contest can be found HERE. 



“Starting Over” By Jacob Hughes

“Double Yellow Lines” By Johan Glidden

“Confrontations” By Alex Cooper

“The Losing Game” By Joe Nolan

“Memory Lane” By Haley Intile-Epstein

“Loser” By Erin Greider

“Brooklyn” By Tiffany Katelyn Johnson, Griffin White

“Tabs on You” By Tarrah Walston

“Gravity’s Rainbow” By Sean Cahill

“Van Gogh” By Ari (Alnev) Rabin

​​”2am (Feat. KOHL)” By KJ Cunningham

“For the Sake of It” By Celeste-Louise Tauchar, Nyiko Beguin

“You, Me, and the City” By Joshua Tobias

“We Needed Rain” By Charlie Brennan, Sean McConnell

“Arcade” By Tristen Stone

“Ghost” By Melinda Ortner

“Country Deal Breaker” By Teagan Stewart, Ryan Boey

“Air” By Phebe Starr, Alister Write

“Stranger” By Paige Hargrove

“Drunk and Underage” By Joel Sundkvist, Holger Lund

“Age of Ben” By Randy Steele

“The Line” By Sav Buist

“fairytales” By Gabby Sophia

“Sunshine and Silverlinings” By Afton Salmon, Robin Dean Salmon

“All Along” By Dan Millward

“Forever” By Miranda Johnson

“Sweeping The City” By Trevor Marcom

“Break My Own Heart” By Sophia Angeles, Chelsea Balan

“Hollow” By Marcello Greco

“Disengage” By Kieran Rhodes

“Bury Me” By Noelia, Calvo Camacho

“Want Love” By Glenn Swan, Shariany Then

“Changes” By Jax Anderson

“Relentless” By Lucy Davis Hull, Camille Rae

“Erase This Day” By Sean Magwire

“Full Moon” By Alicia Michilli

“Crash and Learn” By Lucy Cloud, Justin Morgan, Seth Mosley

“New Life” By Lauren Kelley

“Dark Kid Ep. 1” By Stefan Prange

“Little Bit O Whiskey” By Wade Witherspoon

“Halfway to Houston” By Alicia Stockman

“Don’t U Remember That” By Mikayla Williams

“Bigger” By Hannah Horton

“Dragon” By Fred Williams, John Haston

“Stat” By Claudio Parrone Jr.

“Guest of Honor” By Patrick Ferris

“Drive, Drive, Drive” By Drew Zieff

“As We Are” By Dan Millward

“Enjoy The Ride” By Andy Land, grayskies

“Sweet Lullaby” By Christian Porter

“Headin’ Home” By Randall Cohen, Gregory Martindale

“Know Me So Well” By Leo Xia

“Everything Is Possible Now” By Rich Andruska

“Ruin It” By Mackenzie Erlank

“Far Apart” By Will Conn

“HIGH3R” By Trent-Jean Michel

“The Languishing” By Adam Avery

“Someone Who Gets Me” By Kimberly June, Cameron Stymeist

“Frame” By Warren Vereb, Chad Wilson

“Georgia Girl” By Thomas Rowland, John Brigham

“Mister Sun” By  Allan Licht

“Side Effects” By Nya Y

“Look Like A Stranger” By Trey Hill Ryan Corn, Kimber Terry

“Girl Dad” By Damon Dotson

“Back Together” By Ali Taylor Terradillos, Gary Wayne, Adam Wheeler

“Selfish Love” By Emily Alexander

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