8 Pedal Deals Musicians Won’t Want to Miss This Memorial Day

Along with all the boat rides and barbeques slated for Memorial Day, Sweetwater is adding to the festivities this year by offering deals on pedals you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you’re looking to update your rig or are just getting started, their Memorial Day sale is just the ticket to get outfitted at a discounted price.

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While the deals are extensive, we’ve compiled a list of top-tier pedals for you to add to your equipment this Memorial Day.

1. Boss Pocket GT Pocket Effects Processor

For a limited time, you can snag this pedal for $149.99 – that’s $100 off the retail price. The Boss Pocket GT is your one-stop-shop for recording or jamming out. Built on the legendary Boss GT sound engine, the pedal gives you more than 100 assignable amp, stomp, and effects models all in a pocket-sized format. The Pocket GT communicates with Boss’ Tone Studio and Tone Central mobile apps for easy patch preservation and instant recall in a performance setting. Connect the Pocket GT to your computer over USB and you’ve got studio-grade guitar tones injected right into your DAW session. Buy HERE.

Sale: $149.99

2. Bogner Ecstasy Blue Overdrive Pedal

Capture that big Bogner amp sound in a pedal with the Bogner Ecstasy Blue Pedal. While supplies last you can get this tone sculpting pedal for $129.99 ($170 off). This pedal ups the ante with discreet Class-A circuits like an amplifier, no op-amps, and clipping diodes. Four tone-shaping switches allow you to go beyond the traditional EQ, carving out your perfect sound. Buy HERE.

Sale: $129.99

3. J. Rockett Audio Designs Steampunk Boost Boost/Buffer Pedal

At a $60 price drop, the Steampunk Boost/Buffer Pedal is a no-nonsense pedal that lets you drive your tone without sacrificing clarity and definition. With the buffer function, the Steampunk lets you get loud while retaining your high end. The boost delivers a clean 20+dB push to your amp or effects, bringing you plenty of drive to bump your playing out over a roaring live crowd. Buy HERE.

Sale: $59.00

4. Red Witch Opia Fuzz Pedal

Though at first glance this pedal’s simple design doesn’t seem like much, the Opia dishes out a mammoth wall of sound with little effort. Forgoing the standard knob controls found on traditional pedals, the Opia focuses on pure, wooly fuzz tones easily controlled by your guitar’s volume and tone knobs. This approach simplifies your live rig without compromising tonal versatility. The Opia, along with all Red Witch pedals, are 20 percent off, retailing for $119.20. Buy HERE.

Sale: $119.20

5. Catalinbread Naga Viper Treble Boost Pedal – Gallery Series Black

While supplies last, the Catalinbread Naga Viper is available for $129.99 ($50 off). This pedal lets you experience all the crunchy breakup and searing solo power of a dimed Marshall stack at bedroom amplitudes. The Naga Viper is your ticket to 1970s-era tones with modern control and creative flexibility. Buy HERE.

Sale: $129.99

6.  Red Panda Particle 2 Granular Delay and Pitch-shifting Pedal

Red Panda’s Particle 2 is a follow-up to their Particle delay and pitch-shifting pedal. This redux not only adds new features but improves on existing elements, cleaning up the design to be more ergonomic with less space. Beyond the basic delay modes, three different pitch modes across the ± 1 octave range, a delay length of 0 to 2.5 seconds, and adjustable parameters for grain size, density, and feedback. An iOS and Android-compatible TouchOSC template and a web-based editor open even more options. Grab this pedal for $254.15 at 15 percent off. Buy HERE.

Sale: $254.15

7. J. Rockett Audio Designs The Jeff Archer Boost/Overdrive Pedal – Copper Plated Sweetwater Exclusive

For a limited time, this Sweetwater exclusive pedal retails for $239.20 ($59.80). This stompbox features the coveted K-style harmonic saturation of the J. Rockett’s original unit but adds germanium diodes and vintage NOS variants. The Jeff Archer is organic, responsive, and versatile with a smooth top-end response that sounds magnificent through a wah pedal. Buy HERE.

Sale: $239.20

8. Vertex Effects Tone Secret OD Overdrive Pedal

At a whopping $120 off, the Vertex Tone Secret OD pedal is a simple solution for conjuring an epic rock guitar tone. It combines pre and post–overdrive controls to allow you to fine-tune its breakup characteristics to match with any amplifier. Controls for treble and mids are there to dial in the perfect amount of bite and punch. Buy HERE.

Sale: $99.00

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