Abi Carter Claps Back at Emmy Russell Critics; ‘American Idol’ Fans React to “Hate Comments”

It’s hard to imagine anyone sending American Idol contestant Emmy Russell hate online. She’s a darling, and also one of the most talented performers on the show this season. Unfortunately, bullies will always find a way. And fellow contestant Abi Carter isn’t having any of it.

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On a recent episode of Idol, Russell (who also happens to be the granddaughter of the late country queen Loretta Lynn) decided to step out of her comfort zone and perform something a little different.

Historically, Russell has performed original music and songs that align more with the country genre. On Sunday’s episode of Idol, Russell decided to wow the judges with a cover of the Blink-182 song “All The Small Things”. The song leans more into the pop-punk genre.

And, naturally, Russell killed it. She secured her spot in the Top 8 with her cover. The theme of the night was to perform songs that were hits during the year the contestants were born. So, naturally, Russell opted for the 1999 hit.

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The judges were impressed.

“If you would’ve told me a month and a half ago one of your best vocals would be a Blink-182 song…” Luke Bryan noted.

“I saw something on that last performance I really enjoyed… you having fun,” Lionel Richie said.

“You really are kinda growing into this,” said Katy Perry.

Abi Carter Has Words for Emmy Russell Critics

Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with Russell’s song choice or her performance. Some not-so-nice commenters were annoyed by a country singer performing a pop-punk song. Others noted that they didn’t think Russell was as good as some of the other contestants on the show.

That’s when fellow Idol contestant Abi Carter decided to chime in on Emmy Russell’s performance.

“I will say this once,” Abi Carter said in defense of Emmy Russell in an Instagram comment on a video of the performance. “ Anyone leaving hate comments needs to understand that REAL PEOPLE with REAL FEELINGS and REAL LIVES are reading these comments. When you say negative things about people, (especially people you have never met and know little to nothing about) it says a lot more about you than it says about the person you’re hating on.”

“Emmy is the most kind, talented, and special woman I have ever had the pleasure and luck of meeting,” Carter continued. “If you had the opportunity to meet her even for a second, you would understand EXACTLY why she is here and deserves to be here. Continue to be mad and complain while her songs are touching millions of people who relate and feel moved by her. That’s all.”

Here’s to girls looking out for girls!

American Idol Fans React to Abi Carter Backing Emmy Russell

As for how American Idol fans took to Carter’s pushback at the critics, many supported one contestant backing her own competitor.

“[Abi Carter] THIS!! Thank you!!,” an Instagram user wrote. “[Emmy Russell] you don’t deserve any hate, ever! Please know you are loved by those who know you and so many of us who don’t know you personally but can see your heart shine through every smile, laugh and cry.”

Another user shared a different outlook, noting that “just because people have a different opinion than you and others doesn’t mean it’s a hate comment.” They then added that they “don’t condone any comment of hate” and that Russell seems like a “great” person.

Tune into American Idol on Monday to see if Carter and Russell advance into the top 7 of the competition.

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