Album Premiere: Waylon Speed, Kin

Waylon Speed 09/23/13
The Artist: Waylon Speed, who provides gritty Southern rock by way of Vermont.
The Album: Their sophomore release Kin, out June 24
Fun Fact: The band is named after member Rev. Chad Hammaker’s son.
Songwriter Says: There is magic to be had by taking chances and trying something completely outside of our comfort zone, and Kin is a product of that risk. We couldn’t be happier with the result,” says bassist and vocalist Noah Crowther.”We evolve naturally; we aren’t trying to make anything different or better than previous material. We’re family, and this natural evolvement led us to Kin.”

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“The songs mean a lot to me on Kin. You go through shit and you write songs. And we had the opportunity to take these songs on the road with us for almost a year before recording them, we feel it’s a more refined Waylon Speed pallet.” says guitarist and vocalist Kelly Ravin. “There is a lot on the horizon right now with the release of Kin. Good quality people have influenced us and have come into our network of folks, and we feel they give us momentum to go in directions and places we haven’t been before,” says Ravin. 


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