Song Premiere: Kat Quinn, “Little Rose”

Kat Quinn
The Artist: Kat Quinn
The Song: “Little Rose”
Fun Fact: In March of 2013, Quinn was featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon‘s “Battle of the Instant Songwriters” where she wrote and performed the original piece “Clouds Are People Too.”
Songwriter Says: “I wrote ‘Little Rose’ after an interaction I had at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival last year. It was my first time at the festival, and I was lucky enough to get to play some late-night showcases. One afternoon I was sitting up on a hill, listening to a performer and writing, when a man came over to me, held a leaf out in front of my face and said, ‘You look like someone who would appreciate this.’ It was a very pretty leaf, I will say. The leaf itself had turned brown and crumbled away, but the veins and outer edge had remained in tact. It was cool, and I told him that. Then he went to give it to me, and I was like ‘Are you sure?’ and he goes ‘Yes, I’m not someone who would appreciate it.’ And I thought that was just a really nice idea. An odd interaction, but a very nice idea: giving something to someone simply because they will appreciate it more than you. So then he walked away and I wrote ‘Little Rose.’ I guess he was right. I was someone who would appreciate it.

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I really wanted to keep the song simple. I didn’t want anything to distract from that melancholy feeling that comes from doing something that you know is for the best, but really hurts you at the time.”

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