Allison Moorer Talks Looking Past Her Music Career and New Job With Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

The voice behind hit songs like “Send Down an Angel”, “The One That Got Away”, and “I Found A Letter”, Allison Moorer released ten studio albums throughout her time in country music. And given the popularity that surrounded her, stars like Miranda Lambert, Trisha Yearwood, and even Kenny Chesney covered her songs. Although enjoying her time in the spotlight, it seems that Moorer decided to take a step away from the stage. But having a love for music, the singer apparently snagged a new job at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. 

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On Thursday, the museum announced that Moorer was joining their ranks as a writer and editor. Given her years in the music industry, it seemed like the perfect fit. Especially when knowing she wrote two books, Blood and I Dream He Talks To Me. With a background in country music and a gift for words, it appears any publication would be thrilled to add her to their roster. 

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Allison Moorer Will Never Stop Making Music

Speaking with Variety about her sudden career shift, Moorer recalled her past. “I figured out probably on my second or third record—so this was a long time ago—that I did not want to be playing the same clubs when I was 45 as I was when I was 25.” While worried about what her future in music looked like, she added, “I knew very quickly that I was going to have to probably do something else to earn a living, because I just couldn’t manage it all. There’s no way you can do an artist career if you’re a wife, a mother, whatever else you’re called to be, and particularly if you have a child with special needs.”

Although looking at other careers in the music industry, Moorer hoped to give back to country music. “Landing here is a way for me to give back to what saved me, which is and has always been art. Country music is a huge part of my family’s story. It’s culturally significant and it’s personally significant.”

While fans of the singer want more albums, Moorer promised she would never step away from music. “I’m still making music. Kenny Greenberg and I are working on a duo project that will not be under either one of our names, so that will be coming. We’re just two studio rats that like to get in there and make stuff up. And that’s one of my very, very, very favorite things to do.”

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