American Songwriter Judges Offer Insights Into Judging the September/October Lyric Contest Winners

In response to feedback from the American Songwriter Community, the esteemed contest judges were asked to share some insights into their winner selections. Read below for insights into how the panel of judges picked the winners for the September/October Lyric Contest.

1st Place: “Even the House Misses You” by Laura Lemons

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Lance Carpenter: There is a depth to this lyric that goes beyond crafting a commercial song.  When a listener can feel what the writer probably felt as they were writing the song…the writer did his or her job.  This writer did that for me.

Rhett Akins: good idea

Martin Sexton: yes a bit depressing but it’s real and it sounds like something George Jones would’ve sung.

2nd Place: “Lucky Enough” by James Ellis

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Judy Stakee: Very well crafted!! Your story just flows. Each verse gives me a different perspective and your chorus tells me why so simply.  I felt your gratitude just reading it.

Rhett Akins: Seems like a fun love song.

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3rd Place: “Sweet Rambling Boy” By Red Diamond

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Bonnie Baker: Pretty solid structure. Love the line “I watch you dancing like you’re pinned to a clothesline”

John DeNicola:  nice imagery

Nina June: Very poetic, beautiful imagery. I love the way the writer paints the scenery. 

4th Place: “A Slow Break” by  Tim Hedrich

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Bonnie Baker: Feels honest. The setup line is nice “Nothing hurts more than a slow break”

Nina June: This is a theme we can all relate to. Interesting angle. Well written and illustrated, I can feel the writer’s heartache. 

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