Andrew Combs Announces Debut Album Worried Man; Free Download

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Nashville Singer-songwriter Andrew Combs will release his debut album, Worried Man, on October 30 via Coin Records.


We’ve got the title track, inspired by a powerful stimulant, for you to download for free.


“I was in Austin, Texas, for a little over a week, co-writing with some Texas amigos and sleeping on my cousin’s couch,” Combs tells American Songwriter about “Worried Man.” “I had no prior obligations one night, and decided that I wanted to write a tune all by my lonesome. To me, there is one necessary thing when writing at night, and that’s coffee. Unfortunately, there was none in the apartment.


“During my search for the blessed bean, I did however find a jar of ‘Extreme Caffeine’ pills. I took one, thinking this would curb my appetite for coffee. An hour later, I still had not felt the effects of the pill. So, naturally I took two more. Thirty minutes later I was going out of my mind. I remember rushing to the c-store to buy some cigarettes just to calm my nerves.


“So when listening to this song, just imagine me, pacing back and forth on my cousin’s patio, writing these words. I don’t think I even picked up the guitar till the next day — my hands were too shaky. As far as lyrics go, I think my paranoid, anxious, and over-caffeinated state of mind just spilled out on to paper.”


Combs, whose “Month Of Bad Habits” video was recently added to CMT, will play Nashville’s The High Watt on Friday as part of the Americana Music Festival. Pre-order Worried Man here.

Worried Man Tracklisting:

1. Devil’s Got My Woman
2. Please, Please, Please
3. Heavy
4. Big Bad Love
5. Come Tomorrow
6. Take it from Me
7. Runnin’ You out of My Mind
8. Too Stoned To Cry
9. Why oh Why
10. Worried Man
11. Lonely Side of Love


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