Bad Brains Full Output to Be Remastered, Released in 2021

After spending 40 years amassing one of the most valued discographies in punk and hardcore, Bad Brains will finally see their entire recorded output housed under one roof in 2021 through a new distribution deal with ORG Music.

So for the first time ever, Bad Brains, Rock For Light, I Against I, Quickness, Rise, God of Love, I & I Survived, Build A Nation and Into The Future will be remastered and reissued under the band’s own Bad Brains Records imprint. If you have been aware of the group’s scattered history in the music business and the patchwork nature by which their albums have been released since 1982, the news comes as a most welcome surprise for fans.

“Hey what’s up Bad Brains family – Darryl Jenifer here,” the legendary Bad Brains bassist writes in a public note about the acquisition. Jenifer, along with singer HR, Earl Hudson on drums, and guitarist Dr. Know, comprise the group’s classic lineup. “I’m proud to announce to you the blessings and return of all Bad Brains master rights / recordings to Bad Brains and out of Babylonian captivity. These rights and other items include master reels, recently discovered photos, and etc. Thanks to JAH and all involved in this glorious feat. Stay tuned for the ‘re-everything’ involved in all of our NINE studio albums and more. Big UP to Org Music for their faith, hard work, and dedication to BAD BRAINS RECORDS WE GOT THAT PMA 2020 and beyond.”

The campaign begins in early 2021 with the February repressing of their debut 7-inch for their explosive anthem “Pay To Cum,” which Bad Brains released 40 years ago this past July on their own Bad Brain imprint. Other deep faves from the band’s catalog including The Youth Are Getting Restless, Omega Sessions and Live At The Fillmore 1982. All will be released on vinyl, some with CD and even cassette editions. There will also be limited pressings featuring covers from designer John Yates’ Punk Note Instagram series.

ORG Music plans to roll out the first wave of releases over the next two years, starting with the eponymous “ROIR Tape” (famous for its iconic cover art depicting lightning striking the dome of the Capital Building) and the Ric Ocasek-produced Rock for Light, which will be restored to its original mix.

“As longtime fans of the Bad Brains, it’s a huge honor and a pleasure to work with the group and reissue their seminal releases,” says ORG Music’s Andrew Rossiter. “It’s an incredible feeling to see the masters coming back to the band, with the records being issued on their own Bad Brains Records imprint. It’s been a long journey, often akin to a treasure hunt, uncovering lost master tapes, unreleased recordings, never before seen photos, and archives from decades past. We couldn’t be more excited to share the results with the world.”

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