Beatles Ukulele Master Hosts Benefit For Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

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Last year, ukulele-slinging record producer and provocateur Roger Greenwalt performed all 185 Beatles songs on ukulele during one twenty four hour concert, with help from Guster’s Ryan Miller, Ben Kweller, Adam Green, and The Pierces. In January, he’ll do it all over again, at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl venue, in a gig that will stretch from 6 pm on the 15th to 6 pm the following day. Have mercy!

Greenwalt has an ulterior motive for this year’s concert: he’s invited Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg down to the event, to help rehabilitate his image.

Here’s the scoop, in his own words:

“After raising literally “hundreds of dollars” for Warren Buffett in 2009, I worried that there was nowhere left to go but down. Until I saw The Social Network. Like Darth Vader before him, Mark Zuckerberg has become the villain of the best movie of the year. To repair his prickly public image, Zuckerberg needs to reach deep down and find his Inner Shatner. And nothing humanizes and socializes an unpopular person like the ukulele. I am living proof of that. Mark is a bright guy, I know I can teach him to play “Baby You’re A Rich Man” on ukulele in under 10 minutes. By headlining at our show at Brooklyn Bowl in January, Zuck will assure that we sill successfully raise big bucks for the charity of his choice. (Though I would suggest Warren Buffett’s pet uke charity, Girls’ Inc. Of Omaha Nebraska). And he can go a long way towards proving to the world that all his money and power is in good, socially conscious hands. And that he is friendly. (Interesting to note, on Facebook you can like Zuckerberg, but you cannot friend him.)”

Check out Greenwalt’s website here.


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