5 Best Guitar Pick Cases of 2024

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Guitar picks are super easy to lose. With a guitar pick case, musicians will stay organized and well... not lose their favorite guitar picks anymore.

Losing picks is such a bummer. Luckily guitar pick cases are typically affordable. Some are great for displaying at home, some are great for packing in your gig bag, and some are even perfect for attaching to your keys.

1. Dunlop Series 5005 Pickholder, 1 Pack

best guitar pick cases

The adhesive backing on this pick allows you to easily replace picks on stage. It's spring-loaded, so when you pull a pick out, the next one moves forward. Gone are the days of fumbling around for a pick during a gig. Best of all, this pick holder is under $3.

2. 12 Guitar Pick Display Cases & Easels

best guitar pick cases

For those who buy the best guitar picks, you'll want to show them off. This 12-pack of easels is perfect for your home studio. Both sides of the pick will be viewable. Customers place them on shelves and drawers to display their pick collection.

3. DreamStudio Wood Guitar Pick Holder Case

best guitar pick cases

Guitarists will go crazy for this guitar pick case. Not only is it super cute and will store 4-5 of your favorite picks, but you can use it as a keychain. Attach it to your car keys or gig bag. The seller even offers a guitar pick for free.

4. PAIYULE Guitar Pick Holder Case

best guitar pick cases

Here's a standard guitar pick case for you. It'll hold up to 50 picks and also has a pocket for accessories.

It's definitely a top pick for anyone who keeps organization a priority. And, of course, for anyone who likes being prepared at all times. Overall, it's the best choice for traveling to the studio and gigs.

5. MYLYWOO Sapele Guitar Pick Holder Set

best guitar pick case

Another great pick case for anyone looking to display their guitar picks. The hand-polished box is fine and smooth and will look great on shelves, drawers, or desks.

Consider gifting this case to musicians. It's a unique case and comes with multi-style picks that customers love. Lastly, a perk you may enjoy is that you can remove the foam and store up to 85 picks.

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