Betcha See Better Times Ahead on “July”

Summer is often a time of comfort, renewal, and relaxation. In this current landscape of self-isolating and social distancing, the seasonal shift may be a challenging one for many, but there’s always hope that as the months go by, the world will be in a different place. “July,” the latest single from Nashville rockers Betcha, is a recognition, and a rear-view mirror look, at hardships with the anticipation of better times ahead.

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Produced by Nick Furlong (Blink-182, All Time Low) and written by the band, “July” is an energetic alt-pop daydream, propulsed by spirited lyrics I wish we’d started in a rush, so if it got too much, we’d think we’re at a fine and normal pace, through an uplifting refrain of It must be July ’cause I only wanna ride with my hair down and listen to the sound of people on the town.

Initially formed back in 2015 as Wilder, the band, consisting of vocalist Charlie Greene, guitarist Ben Booth, bassist Taylor Dubray, and drummer Chase Wofford, first met as freshman while studying at Belmont University. Following a Battle of the Bands competition, which led to their signing with Atlantic Records, the foursome shifted their name to Betcha—a combination of the first letters of each band member’s first name—and have continued to churn out singles leading up to the release of their debut EP Falling in 2019.

On “July,” the band offers a glimmer of hope for universal struggles, and is fitting, particularly in a time of isolation and uncertainty around Covid-19.

“July is about accepting the highs and lows of life,” Betcha tells American Songwriter. “One can’t really exist without the other. If we never experienced bad days we wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate how beautiful a good one can be.”

“Sometimes it can be difficult to convince yourself that things are okay, that there doesn’t have to be a problem. “‘July’ is our way of saying ‘enjoy the highs, and if things happens to be low, good days will eventually come back around.”

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