Betty Fox Soulful Simplicity Shines With “Fireflies”


Today, soulful singer-songwriter Betty Fox premiered the music video for her song “Fireflies” from her new album ‘Peace in Pieces.’  The new album — and video — have been a project well developed over four years, following her previous release Slow Burn in 2015. 

Fox explains how “Fireflies” came to be, out of sheer and simplistic intention to create.

“Fireflies was conceived at five in the morning after too much espresso, Al Green, and a YouTube rabbit hole,” she told American Songwriter.  “I wanted to sing life into something. I wanted comfort and love and closure, so I poured it into Fireflies.”

Fox also explains her songwriting process to be its own journey, not adhering to any one formula or specific technique.  

“Every song is its own journey. Some songs are easily polished and some songs are like archeological digs, unearthing the perfect words and melody to express the intensity of the emotion you want to share,” said Fox.  “But the final test is always how it makes me feel. Does the story feel told? Does it feel done? Then it is.”

Fox did mention at least one important writing technique she applies when writing her songs. Fox credits her one songwriting lesson from a very talented spoken word poet.  

“That poet taught me the necessity of searching for the right words. Writing with her was like trying to solve a Mensa puzzle with no correct answer. She was the best teacher I’ve ever had,” said Fox.  

The video concept for “Fireflies” matched the simple elegance of the songwriting and gave way to the idea of family and the sense of home at the forefront.  Fox grew up in a large family, where love and affection was a staple and she wanted to convey that feeling in the “Fireflies” video.  

This video was shot by Katie Talbert.  She is a filmmaker, artist and friend of Fox’s.  Given their friendship, Talbert already realized Fox’s vision and importance to convey the idea of family and paint a picture of comfort in the video.   

Fox explains her goal for the video is to elicit a sense of solace in a world where depression, sadness and anxious feelings are widespread.  Fox hopes her art will bring a kind of peace to everyone that crosses paths with it.   

“We wanted it to convey a sense of home, so we filmed it in my living room and back yard with the people I love the most surrounding us,” she concluded.  

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