“Bob Dylan” Sings Rebecca Black’s “My Moment”

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Oh, no! How did we miss this? We love it when “Bob Dylan” sings Rebecca Black songs. See his hilarious take on the 14-year-old Internet sensation’s “Friday” for evidence.

Now the imposter Dylan is back, posting a video of himself singing Black’s “My Moment” (the “Positively 4th Street” to her “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream.”)

“You knew it all along, I was afraid of you,” drawls Robbie Z poignantly; “Thought I couldn’t be myself, you tried to be my friend.”

It begs the question, though — is Bob Dylan as good a singer as he is a lyricist? And if not, why do these words sound so deep when sung in “his” voice? Is it a Pavlovian response? We don’t really care. Now we just want to hear him sing every shitty song ever.

Thanks to Expecting Rain for the link.

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