Brett Kissel Tells What He’s Learned By Asking ‘What Is Life?’

Brett Kissel may not feel like he is part of this new normal of the state of the world, but feels it has allowed people to be their most authentic selves. With the release of ‘What Is Life?’ Brett feels that this might be his truest self in his music. The CCMA and Juno award-winning country artist tells us how he’s managing his identity, cancel culture, and redemption from 2020. 

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In this episode of Surviving the Music Industry with Brandon Harrington, Brett Kissel challenges the host on the “hat acts” of country music. An amusing moment in the conversation but a validating moment for Kissel as a true student of country music. A student might be an understatement as country music has been part of most of Kissel’s life. After all, he released his first full-length album at the age of 12 on cassette. So it might be accurate that country is a way of life for Kissel. 

As a fifth-generation Albertan cattle rancher, country and hard work go hand in hand. In conversation Kissel shares details behind his Deuce Vodka, his Backwoods Backstage hunting television show, and his reaction to cancel culture interfering with a way of life and even in show business. A touchy subject for some but Kissel handles the conversation with grace in poise that one of the most beautiful things to come from some situations can be redemption. 

Redemption may be something all of us are struggling with after a tumultuous year like 2020. Kissel confesses that he was managing an identity crisis when the music business hit a proverbial wall that lead to the impetus of his latest offering, ‘What Is Life?‘. Doubling down on what he could control with his music, Brett shares his most personal music yet. So is this the record that will shine in Brett’s catalog? Kissel admits that “I think that I’m going to realize the weight of this record 10 years from now. To see if this the start of something.”

We could be witnessing a new arc for Brett. Discover why this could be the start of something new by listening to ‘What Is Life?’ on all streaming platforms and for additional links and information on Surviving the Music Industry with Brandon Harrington. Visit www. or listen in your favorite podcast app here.

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