Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with DARA

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We had the pleasure of interviewing DARA over Zoom video!

DARA is one of the biggest popstars in Bulgaria. Thanks to her alluring charisma, exciting personality and distinctive voice, she is part of the country’s biggest music label Virginia Records since 2016. With over 60 million views on of her videos and 8 singles so far, all her tracks have been #1 in the Official Airplay Chart in Bulgaria. She has worked with top music producers like Chris Young, Jungleboi and Yoad Nevo, who works with artists such as Rihanna, G-Eazy, Kylie Minogue, Cara Delevigne, The Black Eyed Peas and Rod Stewart.

The award-winning singer made a smashing debut in 2016 with the single “Kvo ne chu”. The same year the track became the most rotated song on radio and TV in Bulgaria and peaked at #1 in the Official Airplay Chart. The English version “Onto You” was distributed to and broadcasted in over 15 countries. Her second single “Rodena Takava” peaked at #2 in the Official Airplay Chart for 2017. DARA was awarded “Best Female Artist” at the Annual Music Awards in 2018. DARA released two tracks in collaboration with the Romanian hit-maker Monoir for the song “My Time” and the popular Greek DJs Livin R and Noisy for “BTW (Bye, Bye)”. In 2019 she worked again with Monoir on the song “Darbie”. It became a massive pop hit.

In 2020, DARA once again topped the charts with the pop banger “Ai Ai” and created an English version, called “Fire” that was released internationally. In September 2020, DARA shared another very promising trap single – “MAMACITA”.

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