Top 8 Classic Rock Love Songs of All Time

Since rock and roll emerged in the mainstream as an exciting and controversial new genre, music fans have been treated to an eclectic stream of songs centered around love and everything that comes with it. It’s hard to define what makes a love song timeless, but some of the best recorded works themed around the joy of a budding or lasting relationship have come from the realm of rock and roll.

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From a Bruce Springsteen hit to an anthem of devotion by REO Speedwagon, here are some of the best classic rock love songs ever released:

8. “Can’t Fight This Feeling”

This single from rock group REO Speedwagon‘s 1984 album Wheels Are Turnin’ is all about the overwhelming pull of passion for another. “Can’t Fight This Feeling” became one of the band’s trademark hits and spent three straight weeks at the top of Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart.

7. “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”

Although it didn’t quite make it to No. 1 on rock radio, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” became one of the most popular releases from British rock band The Police. Charismatic frontman Sting puts plenty of emotion into this joyful pop-rock love song, which was first released in 1981.

6. “Faithfully”

Love them or hate them, Journey supplied music fans with some of rock music’s most beloved power ballads during the 1970s and 80s. The sweeping and romantic track “Faithfully” showcases lead vocalist Steve Perry’s sky-high register, which relays a message meant to pierce hearts.

5. “Just the Way You Are”

Although some rock purists may debate the placement of this Billy Joel track from 1977, “Just the Way You Are” checks all the boxes of a classic rock love song for the ages. Through heartfelt vocals and timeless lyricism, the Grammy Award-winning single is an undeniably catchy declaration of undying love.

4. “I’m on Fire”

Many songs on this list focus on lighthearted romance, but “I’m on Fire” is all about igniting the suppressed flames of passion. On this cut from Bruce Springsteen’s iconic album Born in the U.S.A., the rock legend’s gritty, suggestive vocals allow listeners’ imaginations to run wild.

3. “Your Song”

Elton John and Bernie Taupin have crafted dozens of incredible musical works over the decades, but “Your Song” is among the very best. Released in 1970 as a single from John’s self-titled album, the track offers a hopeful dream of a life spent alongside the one you love.

2. “God Only Knows”

The Beach Boys changed the musical landscape forever with the release of their innovative 1966 album Pet Sounds. Its experimental, Baroque-inspired sound serves as the perfect backdrop for a message of pure devotion that continues to connect with listeners over a half-century later.

1. “Something”

Just three years after The Beach Boys released “God Only Knows,” The Beatles recorded this stunning love song penned by George Harrison. “Something” is a groovy, passionate ode to a romantic partner that has truly spanned the test of time.

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