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Everyone loves a list.

Here’s Ronnie B. responding to The Top 20 Beatles Songs: #8, “Across The Universe.”

I hope you are saving the Billy Preston influenced songs for the top 10. The Beatles music was always evolving, going to different levels. I think this list should be about songs that took the Beatles to a different dimension. “Two of Us” and “Julia” should not be on this list. They are great songs, but greatest Beatles’ songs? I would use as criteria – influence on song in music world, popularity, and analysis of words and music. Before this list is finished, I want you to go re-watch the Get Back sessions and the rooftop concert. Watch “Don’t Let Me Down.” It is so good on so many levels. Also, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” is the only Beatles song that influenced heavy metal genre. I hope it’s in the top 10 also. Please consider a redaction of your previous submissions.


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  1. “Helter Skelter” was an influence on heavy metal, I’d say. The Beatles in general were an influence on metal and on all late’-60s and early-’70s rock styles, and you could say the same for virtually all the classic ’60s rock groups. Draw a line from Love to the Moody Blues to King Crimson…and so forth. Heavy metal came out of the idea that rock had to be progressive, and if the heavy British and American blues-rock of the late ’60s was a decisive factor in metal’s evolution, so was the Beatles, whose post-’66 work was certainly trying to advance rock’s sonic vocab. “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” never struck me as a very successful track on any level, since it’s an attempt to play in a heavy style that the Beatles weren’t really that good at. On the other hand it’s at least listenable, which is more that you could say for…”Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”…

  2. What it comes down to, really, is why “Julia” and “Two of Us” are on this list. There is no explanation from AS as to why those songs are being recognized.

    With “Two of Us,” it is one of the few Beatles’ songs that does not have bass on it. George played the low notes on his axe, but there is no bass. Other than that, the song is unremarkable and should not be on the list. I’d like to hear any other reasons why this song is on the list. If AS can’t think of any, take this song off.

    With “Julia,” it is a good song, but not worthy of this list. Being that Yoko co-wrote it (Hit Parader Magazine 1972), it should automatically be excluded from the list.

    As for comment above, I Want You (She’s so Heavy) is great because those are the only lyrics to the song and it is the longest Beatles song ever recorded- that sounds like progression to me. The music is just an old blues riff that Lennon takes into his own. Harrison was particularly fond of the chord sequence. The song is certainly a musical risk that is noteworthy.

    I imagine that this list has been finalized, but it is never to late to make changes. You know what you need to do. Also, can we please get a AS Beatles’ cover?

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