Comment Of The Week: “I Disagree With Your Analysis”

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— Ethan discovered our list of the 30 Greatest Bob Dylan Songs Of All Time, and has a different interpretation of “I Want You.”

“I disagree with your analysis. Not that it isn’t a fantastic song, but if you listen to his voice, he always seems to me to be in just the same amount of pain as in “Just Like a Woman”–he’s doing all he can for the woman he wants, getting back at the boy in his Chinese suit for the way he treated her, but in the end he has to settle for the attentions of the chamber maid, who knows that he’s only there because he can’t be with the one he loves–she knows where i’d like to be, but it doesn’t matter. And meanwhile he’s walking through this room of street people and drinking from a broken cup…this is a depressing world he’s in, and a woman he wants that he can’t have, and as bouncy as the piano line that runs throughout the song may sound, the vocals and lyrics paint an entirely different picture.”

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