Tiny Stills Gets Inspired With Her “Craigslist Bed”

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

This Friday, Spotify will debut “Craigslist Bed,” the latest single from one-woman power pop juggernaut Tiny Stills.

The brainchild of Kailynn West, Chris Clark, and Mike Diggs the project channels an upbringing in the all ages emo scene of the Los Angeles area into deliciously catchy guitar pop fans of such acclaimed 90s acts as Throwing Muses and The Muffs can wholeheartedly call their own all the same. Tiny Stills is the sound of trauma being broken apart by joy. The project formed originally as a direct response to West’s experience being held up at gunpoint in 2011 and as a way to work through her emotions in regard to the harrowing situation.

Picking up off the momentum of the group’s 2018 sophomore set Laughing into the Void, West continues to blur the lines between Bayside and Belly with “Craigslist Bed,” the video for which American Songwriter is happy to premiere today.

“’Craigslist Bed’” about the unexpected struggles you go through after a breakup- the small inconveniences that turn into bigger problems just because you’re struggling to get into a better headspace,” West tells American Songwriter. “Things like making new keys and not knowing what to do with your old ones become an emotional struggle and not just a task.”

Scoring a pre-owned bed is generally a tricky proposition as anyone who unwittingly let a literal atomic bomb of bedbugs into his or home can certainly reveal. But for West, luck was on her side.

“The bed that I’m on in the music video (Kailynn) is a totally free bed that I inherited from my new apartment- and it inspired the first line of the song,” she explains. “Originally I was worried that it’d be gross, but at the time I couldn’t really budget for a new one and so I made the best of it. Turns out, it’s actually a decent bed….Thank god.”

Meanwhile, the band returned to work on the single with former Death By Stereo bassist Paul Miner.

“We worked with Paul at Buzzbomb studios for our last EP and just knew we wanted to go back to work with him again for the next few songs,” explains West. “We like how big and aggressive these songs can feel while still remaining poppy and catchy.”

And while the increasingly changing landscape of the Coronavirus pandemic caused delays in the release of “Craigslist Bed” and the normalcy of its creation, West is nonetheless thankful to see her music go public once again.

“Chris and Mike and I recorded all of the parts for this music video in quarantine because of COVID-19,” she explains, referring to Tiny Stills bassist and drummer. “Originally these songs were supposed to come out in April 2020. We had a full US tour scheduled with our labelmates Bristol to Memory (also on Wiretap Records), but it was cancelled because of COVID-19. but felt it was important to release the music we had. The world is changing so fast.”

Here’s the Pre-Save link to the single on digital platforms if you dig what you hear.

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